What & Why

Clother is a service that shows the current weather conditions as the preferred clothing entity in order to survive in the changing and unfamiliar weather conditions.

In addition,

we connect you directly to the suppliers of the recommended clothing in accordance to your personal preferences.

Our goal at Clother is to give you the freedom to focus on enjoying your time in Northern Finland, with no worries of frozen toes.

How to use

Hi you! This is a demo version of the Clother-service. It gives you examples of how to seasonally prepare clothing-wise for the changing weather conditions in Norhern Finland. The illustrations of the demo show clothing instructions only for outdoor use during weekdays, for example for taking a walk outside.

When using the instructions keep in mind that the information served needs to be adapted to the current circumstances as well as to Your personal and individual temperature tolerance – the information served in Clother-service might benefit you but remember to take your own personal comfort zone into consideration. In our instructions you can see all the pieces of clothing needed in certain weather conditions during the seasons.

If you have some specific activities in mind, feel free to let us know which activities should have exact instructions! We are in the process of developing the service to function and give clothing instructions automatically according to the current and upcoming weather forecast while being optimized to the users location as well as being personalized for users through their own user accounts.

We are more than happy to hear Your thoughts and feedback!

What to remember

The basics of protecting yourself properly from the cold:

The level of activity has an impact on how cold the weather feels due to body’s thermoregulation:

standing still means that cold feels even colder

moving means that muscles are working and releasing energy (heat) so it feels warmer and keeps you brisk!

Cover your head and your hands in all subzero weather conditions

Make sure you are wearing enough layers underneath your outer garments

Especially in windy conditions close your outer garments properly in order to prevent frostbites

Remember also that:

Wind and humidity make subzero temperatures feel considerably colder!

See how humidity and wind affect the heat regulation and the feeling of cold, and how it appears on your outfit

Can you find the differences on vertical and horizontal lines?

The wind makes the air cooler on the skin than the thermometer shows, whereas moisture evaporates heat from the body, thus cooling the body temperature

When the temperature drops below minus twenty, you have to protect yourself properly, no matter whether it is snowing, windy or not!

Remember layered clothing in any case!

Where to wear